Hotels in Tijuana

Hotel Ibis

Hotel Ibis in Tijuana, Mexico is a great option for travelers looking for a comfortable and affordable stay in the city. Located in the zone Rio Urbana, this boutique hotel has a very understated and minimalist design, which allows it to be competitively priced while still providing all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay.

The hotel’s prime location makes it a great destination for anyone looking for a quick trip down south without breaking the budget. Just half a block down the street, you can find El Mercado Hidalgo, a marketplace where you can find some of the freshest ingredients to cook up a nice meal and explore cultural relics. Additionally, within walking distance, you’ll find the Tijuana Cultural Center and Le Container night club. You can also book walking tours to explore the city more intimately.

The beds at Hotel Ibis are comfortable, which comes in handy after a long day of walking around the city. I would give this hotel a four-star rating for its location, price, and accessibility. Everything you want to do in the city is no further than 10 minutes away.

Although the rooms are small, they are well-designed so everything fits where it needs to be, leaving plenty of room to move around. I really enjoyed my stay at Hotel Ibis. The staff was very friendly and accommodating to guests.

In summary, if you’re planning a trip to Tijuana, Mexico and looking for a comfortable, affordable hotel with a great location, then Hotel Ibis is a great option to consider. Overall, my stay was pleasant and I highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the city.